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Vickie (813) 917-8354
Lisa   (727) 480-9365
Tower Lake
130 Burbank Road
Oldsmar, FL  34677
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Team Formation and History

The Tampa Bay Water Ski Show Team was formed in 1993 as a non-profit organization.   In 2011, the Team received its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.  The corporate year and membership runs from January to December. See Our “History” page under General Info for the Teams background.


Team Membership Fees


For New Members to the Team or First New Member of a Family:  $100.00.   Each Additional Family Member: $100.00 ($50.00 non-skier).


Team Expected Costs

A basic “gas” charge of  $4.00 per practice day participation.  For girls, vests are required for practice; for guys, wetsuits are suggested. As skills increase, girls and guys are responsible for any specialty skis (i.e., swivel skis for girls and jump skis for guys.)


Team Communication

A monthly calendar E-mail and weekly reminder is our method of distributing information. A Calling Committee will advise you of any changes to the calendar or additions.


Practice Schedule

Monday – “New Members”.

Tuesday – barefoot, jump and novelty acts.

Wednesday – ballet and swivel.

Thursday – show act development 


Tournaments and Shows

Southern Regional Show Ski Tournament.

Long range plan to compete again at Show Ski Nationals.

Saturday site shows (Apr - Oct)

Various paid shows throughout the year


Show Director

The Show Director is in charge of all “water acts” working with a team of act captains, leads, the show drivers and the production crew to develop tournament shows, site shows and road shows.


Team Volunteer Connection

Volunteers are the heart of any organization.   We enlist the aid of all parents and support people (generally non-skiers). The areas of need include Parking, Concessions, Marketing, Merchandise, Costumes, Show Staging and Production, Fundraising, Special Events and Team Events.   The team volunteers work with the Board of Directors in fundraising events, site activities and general team spirit! 


Board of Directors

7 members make up the Board of Directors who serve for a one-year term.  The Board is responsible for the direction and management of the team. Meetings are held once a month and are open to the general membership.


Our Message

We are a TEAM. We encourage family involvement with an emphasis on the youth of the community, promoting physical fitness, character building and goal setting. We encourage involvement and commitment (and this may not always include skiing).   As part of the TEAM, our young members learn responsibility, dedication, teamwork and leadership. Our purpose as defined in our Bylaws… “to promote boating and water sports safety, through education and participation in group water skiing and theatrical water skiing performances.”    


Thank you for your interest in our team!


For more information, contact:  Vickie Wilmouth (813) 917-8654 or Kelly Chiado (614) 561-4700